A selection of Dorset trail running routes with all the information you need to maximise your enjoyment, training needs and adventures. Madmule has criss crossed the landscape of the Purbecks, Studland Bay and Jurassic coast. It's a pleasure to be able to share our local knowledge with local residents and visitors, so that everyone can enjoy the diverse terrain. 



Aggle 8

Sandy. Undulating. Historic. Spectacular views. Fun.

Summary: a 5 min ferry crossing flicks the switch from suburban to urban, infrastructure to natural surroundings. The heather walk makes for a pleasant change from trudging the beachfront, especially when the tide is in. With a gradual climb to the Agglestone, it's a flowing sandy track back to the ferry. If time is short, go straight to the ferry at 7.1 miles instead of crossing back into the Heather walk section. A fun session in the dark with many eyes of the wildlife getting lit and peering back. 

Terrain underfoot: Sand, gravel, heathland 
Roads: 400m connecting section through Studland village 
Road Crossings: Manor road @ 3 miles, Studland village store across main road @3.3 miles. Ferry road @ 7.1 miles. 
Elevation: Undulating steady climb to viewpoint from 2.5-4.5 miles 
Sights of interest: Heather walk inland dune trail, WW2 D-Day landing viewing bunkers (2.8 miles), Studland village church and grounds (3.1 miles) 11th century, Agglestone Rock (4.9 miles). 
Wildlife: Deer, sand lizards and silver studded blue butterflies 🦋 to name a few

Difficulty navigation: 2/5 
Difficulty underfoot: 2/5 
Difficulty terrain: 2/5 
After several days of rain, some of the tracks on the flat heath get saturated so do not expect to keep the hooves dry. Regular trail shoes suffice and road shoes are ok after dry spells of weather. 
Refreshments: National Trust cafe and Studland village shop. 
Parking: side roads of Sandbanks (charges applicable), bike racks for locking beside chain ferry. 
Ferry costs: £1 to "paytheferryman" 
Madmule rating: Casual Trot n Canter 
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Ridge-high 10

Steady climbs. Firm trails.

Open country

Summary: Look over Old Harry Rocks, With a severe drop from the imposing landmark that is the Swanage Water Obelisk that sits between 2 of the biggest climbs available on this Eastern edge of the Purbeck hills.The loop returns through a path known as "Franks Tank", traversing the picturesque Studland golf course. Challenging ascents, great vistas of the whole of the Purbeck Isle and a pub to start and finish from. Hoofing. 😁 
Terrain underfoot: Grass, stony track, bridleways and heathland trail 
Roads: 100m Manor Road to connect from start. 600m Burnbake lane B road no pavement. 400m Heath Green Road Studland Village to connect to finish. 
Road Crossings: Ulwell Road (3.9 miles), New Road (6.4 miles) Swanage Rd (10.2 miles) 
Elevation: A deceptive climb up the grassy hillside of Barrowdown (3.2km/ 400ft), and one of Madmules favourites of Godlingston Hill (1km/ 450 ft) 
Wildlife: Buzzards and hawks hovering as they hunt on the windy ridgelines. 
Difficulty navigation: 2/5 
Difficulty underfoot: 2/5 
Difficulty terrain:  3/5

It is very exposed on top of the ridgeways. Be sure to have a windproof if it's a 'blustery' day

Refreshments: The route starts and finishes at the Bankes Arms 
Parking: National Trust Car park - charges apply

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Trail de Corfe

Gob smacker. Challenging. Inspiring.

Breath taking (taker) 👍

Summary: One of our original and favourite 9 mile loops. Corfe Castle, views of Kimmeridge Bay, the majestic Swyre head overlooking the Jurassic coast, Kingston village and Corfe common, this route packs a punchy cocktail of hills and key landmarks of the Purbeck region 
Terrain underfoot: Grass, stony track, fields and heathland trail 
Roads: 300m Kimmeridge Lane to connect to Swyre Head trail, can be busy. 1.2km West Street to connect to Kingston, a very quiet farm road. 
Road Crossings: Tyenham road (0.2 & 3 miles) 
Elevation: Straight Into the steep slope overlooking Corfe Castle and lift calmly along towards Ridgeway Hill. The 2nd ascent is to the viewpoint of Swyre head. 
Wildlife: Lots of livestock, the occasional deer, and some of the biggest hares on the planet! 
Difficulty navigation: 3/5 
Difficulty underfoot: 2/5 
Difficulty terrain: 3/5

Refreshments: Corfe village, Kimmeridge village and Kingston Village 
Parking: National Trust Car park - charges apply

Not sure what trails to start on or what options you have locally near Poole and Bournemouth? Get in touch with Madmule. 👍 

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